Marketscience Insights will help you understand and improve your company’s marketing analytics efficiency and outcomes - regardless of your analytical approach. The material is written by Marketscience consultants with extensive academic backgrounds and offers practical thoughts and ideas based on the firm's experience with some of the largest organizations and our ties to academic institutions.

AI in Marketing analytics

New Thought Leadership on the Impact of AI in Marketing Analytics

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATED, March 27, 2024 -- Marketscience, a leading provider of marketing analytics solutions, has published a new thought leadership piece that delves into the game-changing role of artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing analytics, specifically in the field of marketing mix modeling (MMM). The article, titled "Harnessing the Power of AI in Marketing Analytics," explores the ...
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AI in marketing analytics

Harnessing The Power Of AI In Marketing Analytics

Introduction In the ever-evolving marketing landscape where fast-paced digital media is becoming more prominent, companies are constantly seeking innovative ways to improve ...
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Marketscience @POSSIBLE 2024

New York, NY (March 14, 2024) - Marketscience, a leading data-driven marketing consultancy, announced today its participation as a partner at the ...
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marketer's guide to measurement

Marketscience Launches New Blog Series “Marketer’s Guide To Measurement”

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 6, 2023 -- In today's ever-changing marketing landscape, it can be challenging for executives to ...
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marketing mix modeling

What is Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM)?

Whether you call it Marketing Mix Modeling, Media Mix Modeling or simply MMM, this type of marketing investment analysis has come back ...
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Sales Funnel Measurement For An Automotive Maker

Challenge To regain competitiveness, this large global automotive manufacturer undertook a significant rationalization of its name badge portfolio which also required a major ...
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Modeling And Optimization in Digital Health

Challenge As a startup in the competitive digital health environment and in light of a recent and substantial decrease in media spend, our client wanted ...
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Balancing Sales And Marketing Investments In Pharma

Balancing Sales And Marketing Investments In Pharma Challenge A leading biopharmaceutical company in the US wanted to understand the effectiveness of their marketing ...
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Impact Of Marketing On Customer LTV In Health Insurance

Challenge A leading health insurance provider in the US was looking to understand the effectiveness of their marketing activities across products, sales ...
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marketer's manual cover

Marketscience x Marketing Week: a guide to a more rigorous approach to Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM)

As the first piece of research to be published in Marketing Week Marketer’s Manual, Marketscience provides a strong point of view around ...
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ai and Marketing mix modeling

Marketing Attribution and the AI Illusion

Marketscience's Peter Cain recently published an Editorial piece in the 4th Issue of I-COM's Frontiers of Marketing - Data Science Journal. Peter ...
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Attribution and the marketing mix model - marketscience

Marketscience & I-COM Global – New Research On Next-Generation Marketing Mix Modeling

New York, NY and London, UK – May 4, 2023 – Dr Peter Cain’s latest research piece was published in the 4th Issue ...
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the five pillars for marketing roi success - marketscience

Successful ROI Marketing Programs – The Five Pillars

Everybody is looking for a quick fix when embarking on a new Marketing ROI Program. They think the latest trendy platform or ...
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investing in growth - marketscience

With building momentum, Marketscience invests in growth

New York, NY – March 8, 2023 – Marketscience are delighted to announce the appointment of Irina Pessin-Monnerat to the newly created ...
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Foundations of modern marketing mix modelling

The Foundations of Modern Marketing Mix Modeling

The Marketing Mix Model is a popular business tool designed to quantify marketing Return on Investment (ROI), guide the optimal allocation of ...
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How to measure brand equity

Brand Equity Metrics and the Marketing Mix Model

Conventional MMM is short-term focused The conventional Marketing Mix Model (MMM) deals predominantly with short-term marketing effectiveness, where dynamic specification in the ...
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Peter discusses new paper with Gabriella Mirabelli on the Up Next Podcast

Marketscience Founder Dr Peter Cain Featured on the latest Up Next Podcast We're excited to share that our Up Next podcast episode ...
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Selection bias

Endogeneity And The Marketing Mix Model

Overview A key focus for most marketing managers is optimal allocation of the marketing budget. This relies heavily on correct causal attribution ...
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Correlation versus Causation: measuring short and long-term effects of marketing investments

For decades MMM has been seen as a way to identify the “50% of advertising spend that is wasted”. However, failure to ...
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Marketscience launches BaseDynamics: A More Accurate Measurement of Short- And Long-Term Marketing Effectiveness

New York, NY and London, UK - October 2021 -- Independent marketing analytics firm Marketscience announces today the launch of BaseDynamics, a ...
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Understanding The Long-term Impact of Sponsorships In Retail Banking

Challenge A large multi-line regional bank was looking for a way to evaluate its investments in day-to-day customer acquisition marketing alongside the ...
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Identifying Short- And Long-Term Growth Drivers In Retail

Challenge A large US retail home goods client with a multi-channel media strategy wanted to understand the optimal levels of off and ...
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wealth management

Identifying The Specific Perceptions That Drive Long-Term Growth In Wealth Management

Challenge To inform a change in brand strategy with better appeal to new generations of wealth management customers this leading US brokerage ...
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COVID-19 Impact on Measuring Marketing Effectiveness: ISBA Member Presentation

Presented by: PricewaterhouseCoopers & Marketscience April-May 2021                     Recently, top tier consulting firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers ...
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Dynamic Marketing Mix Modeling In Global Electronics

 BaseDynamics Marketing Mix Modeling & Optimal Budget Allocation Challenge A global electronics brand was a pioneer in manufacturing LED HD TV panels ...
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COVID Impact: Measurement & Analytics Q&A

In the wake of COVID’s impact, the questions and uncertainty that surround measurement and analytics grows larger by the day. With such ...
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The Investor’s Guide to Successful Marketing Analytics

Although data is ubiquitous, only those who know how to use it properly will reap its benefits. In this article, we show ...
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The Changing Face of Customer Experience

Exceptional customer experience (CX) is a valuable force within companies. It retains customers, instills loyalty, and leads to stronger brand growth. We’ve ...
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How to Win During and After a Recession?

Our world has been turned upside down as COVID-19 circles the globe, leaving industries, businesses and communities warped in its wake. While ...
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Company Founders Featured on Data Gurus Podcast

Company Founders David Dixon & Peter Cain Featured on Data Gurus Podcast We’re excited to share that our Data Guru’s podcast episode ...
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Marketscience Nominated as AdExchanger Awards Finalists

We’re honored to be shortlisted as a finalist for the 2020 AdExchanger Awards.   The AdExchanger Awards, judged entirely by an esteemed ...
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Navigating Challenges Starts with Data

Times are Tough. We Hope This Helps.   As an ambiguous future lies ahead of us, we asked ourselves how we can ...
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COVID-19 Business Trends & Implications

With staying at home and social distancing the new normal, we sought to identify potential trends, many of which will ultimately shape ...
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3 Steps to a Lovable Data Collection Process

Every analytics project by definition will require some level of data to be sourced, transmitted, organized and analyzed. If not the largest ...
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Super Bowl Spots: Do they deliver the ROI they promise?

The biggest day in advertising is nearing, and with that the advertising chatter from marketers and brands takes on an all-time high. ...
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How To Make the Most of Your Marketing Analytics in 2020

As we edge closer to the new year, it's only natural to look back on 2019 and evaluate our progress. How far ...
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Marketing analytics firms Marketscience Consulting and Truesight Consulting merge to deliver more unified and advanced client solutions

PRESS RELEASE  New York, NY and London, UK – Nov 13, 2019 – Independent marketing analytics firms Marketscience Consulting and Truesight Consulting ...
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Marketscience & Intel Nominated as ANA Genius Awards Finalists

We're honored to be nominated as a top three finalist alongside our client Intel for the 2019 ANA Genius Awards. The ANA ...
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Media & Promo Modeling and Optimization For Global CPG

Business Challenge & Objectives We were approached by a company in the Consumer Packaged Goods sector to determine the optimal marketing strategy ...
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The Six Questions You Should Be Asking Your Marketing Analytics Vendor

Anyone who tells you that Marketing Analytics is an exact science is wrong. The algorithms, the data, the optimizations and the simulations ...
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What Makes Marketing More Effective?

What is it that makes marketing more effective? Although there are many answers to this question, the one we focus on today ...
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Demystifying MMM

Uncovering the Realistic Capabilities of Marketing Mix Modeling It’s 2017: you’re explaining to your CMO, CFO, and other department leads about the ...
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Marketscience-Truesight & Intel Win I-COM Data Creativity Award for Attribution

Marketscience-Truesight have been awarded I-COM's 2019 Award in Data Creativity. The award, which acknowledges the most creative people & companies in achieving ...
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Should MMM Reports Be Vendor-Based?

Traditionally, marketing mix models (MMM) have analyzed performance by channels – such as TV, print, radio, and digital – all because it ...
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Potential implications for marketing, measurement and ROI in a post-GDPR world

*This is an except from a larger piece written for WARC AdMap in their May 2019 edition. To view the full piece, ...
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Marketscience & Truesight make strategic positioning move within European market by expanding UK office presence.

London, UK – April 17, 2019 – Partner marketing analytics firms, Marketscience & Truesight announce today the strategic move of Nitesh Sahay, ...
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cinema dark gamer 8158

The Future of Media Measurement

Has the time for an accountability approach arrived?  After the recent news of Comscore’s Chief Executive Bryan Wiener and President Sarah Hofstetter stepping down, ...
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pexels photo 970198

An Open Conversation about MTA

A short history lesson in the development of Media Mix Modeling (MMM) and Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) may be all one needs to ...
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analytics 3088958 1280

Build, Borrow or Buy: Analytics Enablement for In-House Marketers

Few companies are achieving advanced marketing analytics at scale despite the benefits of doing so. Analytics should offer the prospect of improved ...
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stained glass 1181864 640

5 Tips to Harmonize Your Data

Understanding how marketing influences business is a complex game with many factors at play. The first step in beginning to understand that ...
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India flag

Truesight Predicts Strong Demand in India Marketing Analytics Market

Truesight Consulting and Marketscience predicts strong demand in India marketing analytics market; continues to invest in regional company talent   Delhi, India ...
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What’s the Best Approach for Marketing Analytics in your Business?

Organizations today recognize that competing successfully requires advanced analytics. Business leaders know that uncovering opportunities and making the best decisions possible requires ...
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water 1759703 1920

5 Inconvenient Truths About Multi-Touch Attribution

After several years of development and heightened industry expectations, the MTA bubble is bursting before our eyes. With the sun-setting of Convertro ...
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Improved Customer Retention In Telecom

Higher ROI, improved retention and more profitable customers Challenge: A leading telecom service provider wanted to optimize its current media spend and ...
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Driving Customer Acquisition For A Credit Card Issuer

Driving Customer Acquisition Through Marketing Mix Optimization   Challenge: A leading credit card issuer was looking to expand customer acquisition by optimizing ...
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pexels photo 1283219

Hands-On Optimization For An Alcoholic Beverages Producer

"Hands-on" Marketing Mix Optimization Reallocates Ad Spend and Unifies Marketing & Sales Teams Challenge To maximize profitability, a leading global alcoholic beverages company set ...
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pexels photo 70912

Measuring Brand Equity For A Car Insurance Provider

Brand Equity Proves Highly Effective in Driving Insurance Quotes Challenge Following its recent acquisition, this mid-size auto insurance firm was under pressure ...
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Unitymedia GmbH Enlists Truesight-Marketscience

Unitymedia GmbH Enlists Truesight-Marketscience Consulting Partnership To Build An In- House Marketing Analytics Capability UM projects initial 20% improvement in marketing productivity from ...
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retail banking

Long-term Brand Value In US Retail Banking

Deepening Analytics to Influence Recovery & Growth   Challenge A leading US retail bank, having recently suffered significant brand erosion in the ...
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Unifying Analytics for Hyper-local Marketing

Rebalancing FSI’s for a major retailer to grow more confidently   Challenge A leading US apparel retailer was looking to rationalize its ...
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In-Housing of Marketing Analytics in Telecom

New Analytics Developed for Improved Return on Marketing and Sales Investment Overview This European Telecom sought to build a better Marketing Analytics ...
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Why are Truesight and Marketscience Partnering?

Shining Light into the Black Box of Advanced Marketing Analytics Leadership Interview with David Dixon and Sebastian Shapiro of Truesight and Peter ...
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Marketscience named leaders in Econometric Consulting

July 25, 2018 We're thrilled to announce that we've been named UK 2018 'Leaders in Econometric Consulting' by Worldwide Business Review.
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Truesight Consulting Tapped for Insights in New eMarketer Report

Truesight Consulting Tapped for Insights in New eMarketer Report, “Understanding Customer Engagement – How to Map and Make Sense of the Metrics ...
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parnterships 1

Truesight and Marketscience Launch Strategic Partnership

Truesight Consulting and UK-based Marketscience Consulting Launch Strategic Partnership   New York, NY and London, UK – April 20, 2018 – Today, ...
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pexels photo 990818

What It’s Like to Work Here

Talent, Culture and What It's Like to Work Here In addition to the great work we do for our clients, we're very ...
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malte wingen 381978 unsplash

A Snapshot of Nitesh Sahay

A Snapshot of Nitesh Sahay, Managing Director & Associate Partner Excerpted from a recent interview What was the impetus for you to ...
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David and Seb

Intro to Truesight Consulting

A conversation with founders David Dixon and Sebastian Shapiro   What was the impetus to start Truesight Consulting? (now named Marketscience) David ...
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Truesight Consulting Expands Global Footprint with Launch of Delhi Office

Truesight Consulting Expands Global Footprint with Formal Launch of Expanded Delhi Office; Appoints Industry Veteran, Nitesh Sahay, Country and Region Leader New ...
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Truesight Consulting Launches

Marketing Innovators David Dixon and Sebastian Shapiro Join Forces to Launch ‘Truesight Consulting,’ A New, Independent Advanced Marketing Analytics and Solutions Consultancy ...
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Marketscience Named ‘Consultancy Agency of the Month’ by Business and Industry Today

May 12, 2017 Business and Industry Today is pleased to feature Marketscience as its prestigious Consultancy Agency of the Month. The article ...
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Marketscience Wins at the RAR Awards

Marketscience named finalist & winner of Market Research 2016 RAR Awards The RAR Awards, presented by the Drum, highlight the agencies that ...
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Dr. Peter Cain to Teach Marketing Analytics Course

Dynamic marketing mix modeling: theory and practice. will be taught by Dr. Peter Cain, Executive Partner at Marketscience. Peter is a recent ...
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Marketscience Establishes Strategic Partnership with Timberlake Consultants

Marketscience Consulting establishes strategic partnership with Timberlake Consultants 04.29.2013 Marketscience has partnered with Timberlake Consultants, a worldwide market leader in the sale ...
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