A Snapshot of Nitesh Sahay

  • February 28, 2018
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A Snapshot of Nitesh Sahay, Managing Director & Associate Partner

Excerpted from a recent interview

What was the impetus for you to join Truesight Consulting?

Nitesh: I worked with David & Sebastian for several years at a former top 6 advanced analytics firm where I was regional director, APAC. Together, we built a remarkable team, created some truly breakthrough marketing analytics products and had remarkable clients and success together. Our extensive R&D and innovative approaches to marketing analytics positively impacted our clients’ businesses – both in terms of revenue and marketing ROI. Given a chance to continue, expand and improve on that, how could I not join them at Truesight? Today, we have tremendous opportunities, a tried and tested team of top analytics professionals, an abundance of talent across the company, and already an enviable collection of clients. There was no question in my mind, but to move forward.

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What are your goals for Truesight Consulting in India, and regionally for Asia?

Nitesh: Our immediate goals for Truesight in India and Asia essentially are three-fold:

  1. First and foremost, build out the team here in India/Asia further to fully implement Truesight’s offerings and global delivery model. The delivery model is the same for all Truesight offices around the world.
  2. Second, establish a fully sustained local and regional sales pipeline and blue-chip client base.
  3. Third, be a key driver in Truesight’s global R&D, innovation and new product development efforts, including a critical but often overlooked area of forging and managing key relationships with academia.

Why this, why now?

Nitesh: One of the key reasons Truesight was launched came from a market insight. Sebastian and David observed that companies and organizations were, and are, embracing the strategic value of advanced marketing analytics to a degree that surpassed anything before.

Undoubtedly, there are multiple reasons for this – company cultures, financial pressures, market dynamics, corporate governance to name a few. But for whatever reasons, we continue to see companies increasingly move marketing analytics to the very center of their strategies and operations. That’s a huge transformation; it’s also a huge signal of opportunity for us to help them capture, understand, activate and manage this throughout their organizations for improved performance. You hear the term “digital transformation” being thrown around a lot. Well, this is what “data transformation” looks like.

What’s the appeal of Truesight Consulting for prospective and existing clients?

Nitesh: In two words, “accountability” and “transparency.” To be more specific, Boards of Directors are demanding full accountability from CEOs. CEOs, and others in the C-Suite, rightfully are demanding full accountability from their CMOs and marketing departments. Similarly, CMOs are demanding that same full accountability from their marketing partners. Truesight’s radically transparent approach to marketing analytics and client engagement is perfectly timed. And it is radical. The mandate today across the board, and for the future, is no more black boxes. This is the new global – one whose time has come.


Is Truesight’s new India operation ultimately an outsourced or offshore back office/service office for the firm, as is the case with many others?

Nitesh: No, not at all. The Delhi operation, which covers both India and greater Asia, serves a dual role. It is Truesight Consulting’s main country office for India as well as its regional hub for Asia. More importantly, in terms of function, the new office provides full-service advanced marketing analytics and solutions for both regional and international clients. This is the same as for all of our offices around the world. Each one provides the same full-service advanced analytics, solutions and capabilities. This allows us to have the same kind of boots on the ground, and deliver the same capabilities, expertise, services and solutions to clients whether they are based in North America, Europe, India or greater Asia. The new Delhi office already has several senior-level marketing analytics professionals plus support staff.

Tell me more about Truesight’s R&D and activities partnering with academia.

Nitesh: Our next few announcements will shed light on this, so stay tuned. We have a lot of very exciting stuff we are working on and bringing into the marketplace.


Bio: Nitesh Sahay

Nitesh Sahay brings almost 20 years of experience in advanced analytics, consulting and research to Truesight Consulting. He has long been engaged with cutting-edge innovations in analytics and their implementation. His sector expertise includes FMCG, ecommerce, automotive, pharmaceutical, telecoms and banking, and he has worked across several other domains. In addition to seven years at Ninah Consulting, Mr. Sahay’s background includes senior management positions at Symphony Marketing Solutions, Datamonitor PLC and GE Capital. He is a published expert in advanced marketing analytics and won a Bronze “Emvie” award for analytics from The AdClub. Mr. Sahay earned an MPhil in Economics from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, where he also received a Master’s in Economics. His academic papers have been published worldwide.

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