Driving Customer Acquisition For A Credit Card Issuer

  • February 6, 2019
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Driving Customer Acquisition Through Marketing Mix Optimization



  • A leading credit card issuer was looking to expand customer acquisition by optimizing its marketing mix investments to manage sales channel fulfillment across four customer acquisition segments.​
  • Part of the challenge was maintaining a certain percentage of up-market customers to offset the higher risk of increasing subprime customers from the optimized investment.
  • Historically, marketing investments had been measured through direct attribution, with limited insight into upper funnel tactics and the interaction of programs across the full path to purchase. —The company wanted a more holistic view of marketing performance.
  • Finally, a strong internal analytics team wanted to build an in-house marketing ROI capability to maintain the models.  They were looking for through hands on training and knowledge transfer as part of the engagement.​


  • After the collection of detailed customer lifetime value data across markets, the company used insights from Dynamic MMM models built using the Marketscience Studio to understand how effective various direct marketing and brand media programs were in driving credit card applications across each of their four credit segments.​
  • The Marketscience SimOpt tool was used to optimize the marketing mix and increase the number of incremental accounts booked across the portfolio while also maintaining the desired threshold of up-market customers​
  • The organization's analytics and statistical group used the Marketscience Academy program to learn the methods, tools and processes for successful marketing mix modeling implementation. A fully operationalized MMM capability was setup internally to leverage its own resources and continue the MMM program.


  • The marketing mix was optimized to drive an incremental 10% of accounts booked across the portfolio while also maintaining the desired threshold of up-market customers.
  • Overall marketing ROI increased by 10%, translating to an additional $103M in lifetime value from the same $617.4M annual budget.
  • Through training, technology and intellectual property transfer, a fully operationalized MMM capability was setup internally so the client could leverage its own resources to continue the MMM program.

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