Sebastian Shapiro

Sebastian Shapiro has over 20 years of global marketing, consulting and leadership experience within the marketing, sales and analytics field. Sebastian has built, and managed marketing and analytics consulting practices worth more than $15 million in revenue and has worked extensively in management consulting. Prior to Marketscience, Sebastian helped build and lead Ninah Consulting, where he was partner and managing director, from a 2-person team in 2006 to a leading global marketing analytics firm with over $20 million in consulting services revenue globally. At Ninah, he was responsible for client development, thought leadership, product development and overall firm management. Before that, he helped develop and lead the Marketing Accountability Partnership (MAP), a marketing analytics company within the Interpublic Group of Companies (IPG). He also had tenures with FutureBrand, where he led the brand analytics practice, and created a unique approach to brand valuation. Sebastian graduated from Harvard and holds an advanced degree in Economics from Aarhus University, Denmark.

Successful ROI Marketing Programs – The Five Pillars

Everybody is looking for a quick fix when embarking on a new Marketing ROI Program. They think the latest trendy platform or the most recent popular tool will cure their less-than-stellar ROI Marketing results. The fact remains that strategic, effective ROI Marketing Programs are complex and require solid foundational pillars for successful implementation. Through benchmarking […]

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The Changing Face of Customer Experience

Exceptional customer experience (CX) is a valuable force within companies. It retains customers, instills loyalty, and leads to stronger brand growth. We’ve nodded previously to the value of excellent customer service and experience, with our research indicating that when invested in properly, these initiatives and dollars work hard for you, across industries and regardless of

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Build, Borrow or Buy: Analytics Enablement for In-House Marketers

Few companies are achieving advanced marketing analytics at scale despite the benefits of doing so. Analytics should offer the prospect of improved efficiency and effectiveness in demand generation management. The dream of profitable growth for a company is potentially in reach with an analytics culture that drives both tactical and strategic decision-making. What then is

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