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Marketing analytics is a growing industry, with many agencies, consultancies and industry professionals using statistical and econometric methods to sift through a wealth of on and offline data to aid profitable decision-making. As analytics becomes an increasingly important driver of competitiveness, more organizations seek to build or internalize these capabilities in house.

Our academy serves three goals


We work with academic institutions to develop curriculum and course material for advanced degrees. These partnerships with academia arms our clients with more credible, verifiable results.

Peer Reviewed Journals

We continue to publish our approaches in peer reviewed journals. To check out previously published research, click here


We train and teach clients to master these approaches through our formal, on-site enablement program.

Our Training Approach

Working closely with leading econometric software company Timberlake Consultants, we deliver rigorous training courses in marketing analytics.

As part of Marketscience's three pronged approach to engagement: DIFM, DIWM, DIY we offer a proven approach for analytics building and enablement. Our commercial courses are aimed at agencies, consultancies and industry professionals wishing to gain a thorough understanding of the tools and techniques of the trade.

Organizations wanting to build ROMI capabilities in-house will participate in our customized enablement program leveraging a transformational training approach. The approach leverages learning and knowledge transfer on several levels:

  • Learning by listening


Through formal instruction by Marketscience Experts and by participation in hands-on workshops

  • Learning by doing


Once foundational skills and tools are in place, clients will work alongside Marketscience teams on all aspects of the ROMI process

  • Learning by feedback


Marketscience team members act as advisors and reviewers of processes and work streams executed by client teams

Commercial Focus

In the modern digital economy, offline and online marketing activity are inherently linked in the consumer journey to product purchase, with paid, owned and earned media combining to drive sales in both the short and the long-term. 

Our courses are based on our analytical services and specifically designed to address business questions such as:

  • What is the ROI on my off and online marketing investments?
  • How do I allocate my off and online marketing budget more efficiently?
  • What is the combined impact of paid, owned and earned media on my sales and brand? 
  • How should I design my off and online media strategy?
  • What is the value of social media for my sales and brand?
  • How do I build brand equity?
  • How do I predict future consumer demand for my products?

These questions can be addressed with a range of analytical techniques, from discrete-choice customer level analysis and aggregated dynamic marketing mix modeling, through to network analysis and economic forecasting.

As part of our approach to training and enablement, there are specific modules focused on the Marketscience Studio™ for clients licensing this software suite.

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