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  • March 9, 2018
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Talent, Culture and What It's Like to Work Here

In addition to the great work we do for our clients, we’re very proud of our team, our culture and our work environment at Marketscience. We’d like to share a bit more about each of these with you in this post.


First, what exactly is Marketscience?

Marketscience is an independently owned innovator in advanced marketing analytics, founded by industry veterans David Dixon, Peter Cain and Sebastian Shapiro. We’re headquartered in New York City, and have offices in Los Angeles, London and Delhi. The company is a dynamic, low maintenance, vibrant place to work.

We have over 20 marketing and senior advanced analytics professionals who work here on various clients throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. Our client industries span consumer goods, B2B enterprise software, retail, telecom, media & entertainment, and financial services sectors.


What is it like to work at Marketscience?

Working here is rewarding, challenging and fun. We’re always looking for exceptional people to join our team. More specifically, we’re seeking smart self-starters. People who are adept at working on diverse projects in dynamic global teams and do so with genuine curiosity and humor.

We have a collegial workplace and we’re highly collaborative. We place high value on these qualities in our team members, and also in our clients.

Our culture is open and welcoming; at the same time, it’s competitive and fast-paced. The best ideas always take precedence, along with their implementation.

A fundamental aspect of our company is we value new ideas and innovations from every part of our organization. We share our insights and approaches freely with one another, and embrace our collective successes liberally, without ego.

We have a flexible office environment. Our priority is on creating and delivering the best, most innovative solutions for clients, more than where or how the work gets done. We are a cohesive team that works seamlessly, and we’re very proud of that.

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Describe your approach to talent at Marketscience.

We place a high value on our collective talent. Our smarts as a company reside in the strength of our team, and we always recognize and work to facilitate our colleagues’ successes.

We employ a unique mentorship and apprenticeship model for cultivating talent, rather than a standard rule book, black box and siloed regimen. Our organization is flat, and we reward success quickly. We‘re always pushing ourselves and our colleagues to achieve better.

We’ve developed a unique consultative approach to our client engagements and apply this throughout our organization. We are not just technically proficient, but also expert in implementation and managing change within our clients’ companies as it proceeds. We also have deep relationships with top 5 consulting firms and are frequently used as a dedicated external resource by them.

Once you’re hired by Marketscience, we invest time and resources to help you develop and deepen your skills – ultimately, expanding your opportunities within the firm. As our people succeed, they quickly gain increased autonomy and client leadership opportunities.

Marketscience People


What does it take to succeed at Marketscience?

To be successful here, you will need sharp, analytical skills and a work ethic that inspires and motivates your colleagues and clients. We’re drawn to people who are intellectually curious, have strong communication skills, humility to admit what they don’t know, and who are excited to learn from and teach others. A good sense of humor is a plus.

A culture of responsibility, accountability, collaboration.

As a firm, we promote a culture of responsibility, accountability and collaboration. We foster highly-tenured relationships both with talent and with clients. Historically, our previous ventures have received among the highest employee approval ratings on unbiased review sites, such as Glassdoor (see “Ninah Consulting,” our preceding company http://bit.ly/2I7Fvwv ).


What are some other unique or noteworthy aspects about working at Marketscience?

Marketscience is unique in the close relationships we forge, as a firm, with top academic institutions and blue-chip thought leaders. We have partnerships with top faculty at Stanford University, Bentley University, VU University in Amsterdam, and several others in the pipeline. These relationships give us a level of vetting, neutrality and credibility that is unique.

Equally significant is that these academic and research collaborators are available to us throughout our work on client solutions, some of which deploy the very techniques they have developed. For our employees, this affords unparalleled opportunity to stay abreast of the latest innovations and to continue developing cutting-edge skills.


What do you look for in potential employees?

  • Advanced knowledge and expertise in data analytics and marketing science.
  • Relevant experiences that demonstrate your skills as a problem solver, leader, thinker, innovator.
  • Track record as a self-starter.
  • Interest in and comfort with emerging technologies.
  • A desire to positively impact clients’ businesses. The ability to focus & deliver.
  • An organic interest in econometrics and advanced marketing science techniques and tools.
  • A desire to lead.

What are your offices and locations like?

All of our locations (NY, LA, UK & India) have the best resources available to excel at our work locally, regionally and internationally. Our offices are open format, particularly well-suited to collaboration including video conferencing with our global colleagues and clients. That said, all locations also have dedicated quiet spaces for highly-focused work. Our offices have great atmosphere, superior coffee & cutting-edge design.

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Here are a few thoughts from members of the Marketscience team talking about their experiences working here:

  • Jack, Engagement Manager
    • I first met the team some time ago, when they were running another shop. I really wanted to work with them immediately but unfortunately, due to some logistical issues, things couldn’t move forward at the time. They reached out to me again a couple of months ago and I just jumped at the chance to join them. Marketscience provides a completely unique opportunity to work with the top leaders and practitioners in advanced analytics. They possess not only tremendous industry experience but also deep academic training. It feels amazing to be part of this kind of expertise and be trusted to complete projects and deliverables with minimal interference.
  • John, Associate Partner
    • Marketscience is a great place to work for several reasons, not least being the great positive teamwork and flexibility given to all employees – as long as quality work is delivered. Another key issue in our profession is consulting companies often employ a “black box” approach in their processes, solutions and client deliverables leaving clients with unanswered questions and doubts. At Marketscience, we apply a radically transparent approach; it quickly builds trust and openness with our clients which helps ensure that the analytics being incorporated best address their questions to drive the most actionable insights. Finally, the relationships I’ve built at the company are unique. They can only come from an environment in which politics are rare and an emphasis on developing careers and advancing skill sets is top priority. 

Let us know if you are interested!

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