Truesight Predicts Strong Demand in India Marketing Analytics Market

  • February 7, 2019
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Truesight Consulting and Marketscience predicts strong demand in India marketing analytics market; continues to invest in regional company talent


Delhi, India – Feb, 7 2019 – Marketing analytics firm Truesight Consulting continues to invest in India with new hire, Rajesh Kumar, Chief Client Officer, who joins the team in their Delhi office to facilitate new and existing client relationships. Truesight sees large growth potential in India’s market and anticipates this ramping up in the coming years as the global community looks to India as the next big untapped potential.

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When asked about his joining Truesight, Mr. Kumar comments “the current climate and environment in India are quite receptive to a company like Truesight. Unlike developed markets which have reached a certain level of maturity, Indian companies are growing exponentially.” As CMO’s from these growing companies start to look for optimizations and efficiencies in their marketing spends, Truesight, and their strategic partner, Marketscience, are well positioned to guide these organizations towards strategies that will provide effective ROI.

Two primary factors contributing towards the rapid growth of marketing analytics in the Indian market are the complexity of media, and the amount of funding. “The complexity surrounding media in India is as sophisticated and mature as any Western country” adds Kumar. What makes media so complex is this ‘age of hyper-change’ where everything – from the marketing channels to the consumer journey – is consistently, and rapidly changing. In order to succeed in effectively deploying marketing spend, marketers need to be able to navigate this complexity. As a result, analytical marketing models such as MMM and MTA must continue to be refreshed in order to accurately reflect the changing landscape.

When it comes down to investment, India has been at the forefront of recent venture capital funding and Truesight predicts this will only grow in the coming years. Nitesh Sahay, managing director and associate partner of Truesight Marketscience notes “People are looking at India as a market with huge potential and there are numerous VC’s with large ambitions who see that market potential coming to life”. Alongside the influx of funding, investors are seeking a seat at the table to understand what the business is doing and how performance can be improved. Truesight directly enables that understanding by providing cutting-edge solutions and analyses that help marketers allocate dollars strategically and effectively to produce the best possible returns on marketing investments.

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When asked about the consequential migration of talent of CMO’s and marketers entering the Indian market Kumar adds “most marketers have come from a traditional media outlook and they’re rapidly leap frogging into the digital space. Because of this, there’s a lot of hyper-learning that must be done about the digital sphere and how far their dollars can stretch. This is where things like MMM really come into play because Truesight’s solution is directional and gives marketers guidance on how to spend, what media to invest, and what ultimately produces the best ROI.” The accountability that is now expected from marketers – emerged as a result of this economic growth – is where analytics, as a solution provider, can provide meaningful answers.

Mr. Kumar brings over 20 years of experience in marketing, strategy, brand building and communications to Truesight and Marketscience. He has long been engaged with developing strategies and business development for global corporations. He joins the team eager to advise and provide high-value service to Truesight’s current clients, while aiming to grow and develop the firm’s presence in the Indian market.

Commenting on Truesight’s presence in the India market, founder and CEO, David Dixon, notes “Analytics in India is in the pioneering stages. For Truesight to drive this, it’s about being there while it’s a growing economy, and inducting strategic, advanced analytics right from the start”. The firm is in a unique position to accomplish this through its independent ownership – the company is unencumbered by competing ownership or P&L’s – and their radically transparent, end-to-end modeling approach.

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