Truesight and Marketscience Launch Strategic Partnership

  • April 20, 2018
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Truesight Consulting and UK-based Marketscience Consulting Launch Strategic Partnership


New York, NY and London, UK – April 20, 2018 – Today, independent advanced marketing analytics firms, Truesight Consulting and Marketscience Consulting, jointly announced the launch of a strategic development partnership. Truesight was founded in late 2017 by marketing innovators David Dixon and Sebastian Shapiro to deliver advanced marketing analytics to large, global enterprise clients. Marketscience, a UK consultancy founded by Dr. Peter Cain in 2012, focuses on a fusion of economics, marketing and time series econometrics to bring clients the latest solutions in marketing analytics.

The partnership is built upon a shared recognition of the unique needs of analytically-driven companies and the emergence of clients looking to implement advanced marketing analytics themselves on a Do It Yourself (DIY) model or on a Do It With Me (DIWM) model in close collaboration with external vendors. Both firms recognize the value of academically rigorous marketing analytics and have built close relationships with the academic community in the development of market solutions.

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Together, the firms will deliver a suite of new unified demand analytics solutions and services to the marketplace for DIY and DIWM enterprise customers, as well as for the more traditional Do It For Me (DIFM) client. The new solutions will enable clients to predict, measure and optimize their demand generation efforts with greater accuracy, efficacy, and deeper insights than before. This is the first phase of a comprehensive, multi-year innovation strategy the companies are embarking on together.

“This new collaboration will provide complete access for clients seeking a fully transparent, yet rigorous, methodology for measuring marketing effectiveness,” said David Dixon, co-founder and CEO of Truesight. “Our solid academic foundations and ability to scale teams for DIY, DIFM and DIWM enterprise clients is paramount in our combined focus.”

Under the collaboration, the firms will maintain their brand names and identities with Truesight leading commercialization, consulting, implementation and scaling activities, while Marketscience will lead on R&D/innovation, product development, training, and management of academic relationships. Additionally, Truesight becomes the exclusive unified analytic solutions and consulting service partner to Marketscience; and, Marketscience becomes the exclusive advanced customer analytics and R&D/innovation resource to Truesight.

The partnership provides both firms increased scale, geographic proximity, and expanded resources. Together, they will have a full product pipeline with new product market introductions slated for the second half of 2018 and throughout 2019. A key payoff of this commercialization venture, for clients and the market in general, will be an ability to answer new types of questions in a credible, fully transparent way.

“This development partnership is all about our clients. We’re bringing the scale of Truesight to bear upon the academic rigor of Marketscience. Our collaboration builds on the combined power of our platforms and technical capabilities to help clients activate smarter business decisions and results,” said Dr. Peter Cain, CEO of Marketscience Consulting.

“We are lifting the hood on MMM and so finally overcoming the black box issue, enabling clients to build their own models and optimizations. Using this fully transparent approach, clients will have the confidence, tools and know-how to own the results and lead this process,” he said.

“The partnership between our firms accelerates our depth and breadth of services, while strengthening our position in the rapidly growing $19 billion marketing data and analytics market,” said Sebastian Shapiro, co-founder and partner of Truesight. “Our clients will benefit from this immediately with new, innovative solutions and a greater ability to deliver at scale.”

Truesight and Marketscience are both founded upon principles of total ownership-independence, radical transparency, accountability and tailored solutions. Additionally, both companies employ a consultative approach to client engagements at each step of the project process, sharing details of modeling outputs and fully integrating client input.

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