Unitymedia GmbH Enlists Truesight-Marketscience

  • November 1, 2018
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Unitymedia GmbH Enlists Truesight-Marketscience Consulting Partnership To Build An In- House Marketing Analytics Capability

UM projects initial 20% improvement in marketing productivity from enablement and analytics program

New York, NY, London, UK, Cologne, Germany, Delhi, India – November 1, 2018 – Today, the Truesight-Marketscience Partnership announced completion of a 3-month Analytics Enablement program focused on Marketing Investment Productivity for Unitymedia, a leading cable company in Germany.

Unitymedia GmbH, (UM), the second largest cable operator and leading broadband services provider in Germany, and subsidiary of Liberty Global, the largest international TV and broadband company, sought a more thorough approach to measuring and managing its sales and marketing investments. It needed deeper insights and more actionable intelligence from its marketing data as it progressed with its forward-planning and marketing investment activities. Given its strategic importance, there was a mandate to build the capability in-house. A partner was needed who could both enable and train the internal team and provide a customizable advanced analytics platform.

“We had an immediate need to transform into a data-driven organization while at the same time, optimizing our spend to maximize effectiveness and enhance collaboration between our departments,” said James Oliver, Data Scientist Team Lead – Customer Value & Strategic Marketing Initiatives at Unitymedia. “We also needed a partner that would train, fully enable and then support our in-house analytics experts to own, manage and operate the full analytics process once the project was completed,” he said.

UM awarded the dual-remit analytics project to Truesight-Marketscience to design and implement a multi-phased Marketing Analytics program that would clarify and measure the impact of marketing dynamics, investments and other sales drivers behind UM’s business results. To inform UM’s marketing planning and future investments, the results were operationalized via a live scenario planning tool. Further, Truesight-Marketscience helped UM build an internal advanced analytics team, construct and implement a proprietary Enablement PathTM and license its platform marketscience.studioTM.

Dr. Peter Cain, founder of Marketscience Consulting Ltd., and strategic partner in Truesight- Marketscience, brought more than 25 years of experience to the project training blue-chip clients in the economics behind the econometrics. “Our enablement process is a methodology we tailor to the needs of each client. Our solution allowed UM to in-house our marketing analytics to predict, measure and optimize their demand generation efforts with greater accuracy, understanding and confidence.“

Nitesh Sahay, managing director and partner, Truesight Consulting, spearheaded the technical aspects of the project and solution with a team of Truesight-Marketscience experts across London, Delhi and New York. “For the first phase of knowledge transfer, in which the Unitymedia team were mirroring the Truesight analytics team, it was important that both teams were on, and working from, the same advanced platform,” Sahay said. “It was also essential that we provided full and regular training, using an apprenticeship approach that enabled the UM team to quickly up-level to the demands of this advanced modeling approach.”

Working against unusually tight delivery timelines, Truesight-Marketscience used a fast-follow approach, collecting data and building models while simultaneously training UM’s in-house analytics experts. By the end of the engagement, new methodologies, supporting technology and bespoke tools were developed, licensed, delivered and in-housed for Unitymedia, facilitating full enablement of the Marketing Analytics process.

”The advanced platform we’ve built is comprehensive enough to accommodate future expansion by UM,” said David Dixon, co-founder and managing partner of Truesight Consulting. “While we remain active and involved helping UM’s internal team realize the potential in more complex data and analytics, the end-goal is for our role to become minimized to occasional QC and best practice sharing. Now UM is capable of co-piloting the production and dissemination of insights. Ultimately, they will be entirely self-sufficient.”

“Two aspects of our work with UM are especially notable,” said Sebastian Shapiro, co-founder and partner of Truesight-Marketscience. “First, our unique analytics methodology helped UM understand new dimensions in both their short- and longer-term marketing activities. This was also important for gaining new understanding of the impact from their promotional activities, which was of particular interest to them.

“Second, the flexibility of our enablement protocol let us meet UM directly at their point of need rather than the ‘one size fits all’ approach, typical throughout the industry, which makes clients conform to a pre-existing process. When it comes to advanced analytics, clients are at different stages of capability. That’s why we’ve developed enablement models to accommodate every business model.”

About Unitymedia: Unitymedia is Germany’s second largest cable operator, a leading provider of broadband cable services in North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse and Baden-Württemberg. Unitymedia is a subsidiary of Liberty Global plc. with more than 13 million homes and 7.2 million customers who subscribe to 13.1 million services.

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