Dr. Peter Cain to Teach Marketing Analytics Course

  • August 20, 2014
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Dynamic marketing mix modeling: theory and practice. will be taught by Dr. Peter Cain, Executive Partner at Marketscience.

Peter is a recent addition to the Timberlake training associates team and currently delivers Marketing Analytics. He also delivers on-site training courses specifically tailored around the fields of marketing mix modeling and marketing analytics.


The training course in Marketing Analytics will take place at Cass Business School 24-26, September 2014, in conjunction with Timberlake Consultants. The course covers a modern treatment of the practice, ranging from economic foundations of the model, advanced time series estimation techniques, long-term marketing effects and sales decompositions through to actionable client outputs.

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Feedback and Testimonials

General delegate feedback from Marketing Analytics training course:

“Commercial understanding of a very academic subject”

“I think the course was well structured and provided some great insight in marketing analytics”

“A lot of things became clearer after the course.”

“I found it very interesting. The dynamic baseline really got my attention.”

“The way you dealt with a lot of difficulties really helped.”


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