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Optimal Budget Allocation

Business Challenge & Objectives We were approached by a company in the Consumer Packaged Goods sector to determine the optimal marketing strategy for short and long-term sales growth. Historically, our client had implemented an integrated traditional and digital marketing campaign aimed at maximizing the growth potential of their flagship brand, together with frequent promotional and price-cut activities to increase store ...
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Dynamic Marketing Mix Modeling

Dynamic Marketing Mix Modeling & Optimal Budget Allocation   Business Challenge A global electronics brand wanted to understand the effectiveness of a ...
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Measuring Brand Equity

Brand Equity Proves Highly Effective in Driving Insurance Quotes   Challenge Following its recent acquisition, this mid-size auto insurance firm was under ...
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Reallocating Ad Spend

“Hands-on” Marketing Mix Optimization Reallocates Ad Spend and Unifies Marketing & Sales Teams   Challenge In order to maximize profitability, a leading ...
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Driving Customer Acquisition

Driving Customer Acquisition Through Marketing Mix Optimization   Challenge: A leading credit card issuer was looking to expand customer acquisition by optimizing ...
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Optimization & Simulation

Higher ROI, improved retention and more profitable customers Challenge: A leading telecom service provider wanted to optimize its current media spend and ...
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Developing Advanced Analytics

New Analytics Developed for Improved Return on Marketing and Sales Investment   Overview This European Telecom sought to build a better Marketing ...
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Unifying Analytics for Hyper-local Marketing

Rebalancing FSI’s for a major retailer to grow more confidently   Challenge A leading US apparel retailer was looking to rationalize its ...
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Long-term Brand Value

Deepening Analytics to Influence Recovery & Growth   Challenge A leading US retail bank - having recently suffered significant brand erosion post ...
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