Marketscience & Truesight make strategic positioning move within European market by expanding UK office presence.

  • April 19, 2019
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London, UK – April 17, 2019 – Partner marketing analytics firms, Marketscience & Truesight announce today the strategic move of Nitesh Sahay, managing director and associate partner, to the London, UK office from Delhi, India. In the UK, Sahay joins Dr. Peter Cain, founder of Marketscience, to spearhead product development and provide dual support to both UK and India clients. Marketscience and Truesight officiated their partnership last year and since then have continued to develop their advanced, academic marketing analytics solutions together.

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“Sahay’s move to London speaks a lot about the way we are growing and what we want to achieve as a company” said David Dixon, company founder and managing partner. What the move signifies is threefold: first, it represents the company’s advancement toward a more integrated, global presence – Marketscience Truesight is headquartered in NYC, with offices in London, Delhi, and LA – as the firm is now in a position to better serve European clients and drive UK business growth. Tighter integration between teams is also being facilitated through Sahay’s move as India-client work moves closer to global management. Secondly, it indicates the company’s dedication toward R&D, as Mr. Sahay and Dr. Cain continue their work on a proprietary analytical modeling software. “It’s excellent to be working with Nitesh in developing our software platform and advancing our academic partnerships” says Dr. Cain. Finally, the move allows Sahay to better enable in-house analytics among Marketscience Truesight’s European clients through provision of on-site training.

Marketscience Truesight gives clients the unique opportunity to choose a service model – DIY (Do It Yourself), DIFM (Do It For Me) and DIWM (Do It With Me) – that best suits their needs. In the DIWM model the firm trains clients and analysts on modeling techniques and tools, and how to use them. When asked about what makes enablement training at Marketscience Truesight unique, Sahay comments “Not only are we bringing transparency to black-box analytics, but we’re training clients and helping them successfully integrate marketing analytics software and modeling in-house. We don’t just give our clients the best tools to work with, we also help them use and integrate that tool smoothly and effectively to ensure success”. Sahay’s move places him in a strategic location that allows him to support clients globally in India, London, and New York as this engagement model continues to roll-out.

Nitesh Sahay brings close to 20 years of experience in advanced analytics, consulting and research to the firm. Prior to joining the team, he worked with the firm’s co-founders, Dixon and Sebastian Shapiro at Ninah Consulting, a former Publicis-owned marketing analytics and management consulting firm. Mr. Sahay’s sector expertise spans several domains, inclusive of ecommerce, automotive, pharmaceutical, telecoms and banking.

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