Marketing analytics firms Marketscience Consulting and Truesight Consulting merge to deliver more unified and advanced client solutions

  • November 13, 2019
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New York, NY and London, UK – Nov 13, 2019 – Independent marketing analytics firms Marketscience Consulting and Truesight Consulting announce today their official merger into single entity: Marketscience. For over a year, the two firms have been in an exclusive partnership that enabled them to unify and advance their analytic offerings, increase scale, and expand resources. Today that partnership is solidified through their official merger.

Marketscience recognizes the value of academically rigorous analytics and have built close relationships with the academic community in developing its market solutions thus bringing science to the measurement of marketing ROI. Furthermore, the merger is built upon a shared recognition of the needs of analytically driven companies and the emergence of clients looking to implement marketing analytics on a Do It Yourself (DIY), Do It For Me (DIFM) or Do It With Me (DIWM) basis.

UK-based Marketscience was founded by Dr. Peter Cain and U.S.-based Truesight was founded by David Dixon & Sebastian Shapiro. Together, the three industry-veterans continue to drive Marketscience further with expanded resources, bespoke solutions, and advanced analytic techniques. Specifically, Marketscience will continue to focus on measuring marketing ROI, through three main offerings:

  1. Consulting for clients in need of marketing analytics and advanced dynamic marketing mix modeling.
  2. Software through their proprietary platform, Marketscience Studio, built in partnership with leading academia and specifically for comprehensive Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) analysis.
  3. Academy providing training for clients looking to internalize their analytics practice, and course material for colleges looking to expand their syllabus.

Previously, the business partnership had delivered innovative analytics to clients covering a range of products and services. Current clients include Intel, where the pair won an I-COM award for excellence in data attribution and were a finalist in the category of Innovation for the ANA Genius Awards. Intuit with whom Marketscience have developed and implemented a globally consistent MMM approach across their brand portfolio, and Vodafone’s Unity Media, who were trained and enabled by Marketscience consultants to deliver ongoing marketing analytics are additional clients where the partnership firms worked together successfully. The aforementioned brands plus many more active clients underscore the partnership success and reason for the merger.

“As we continue to modernize and improve our service, our focus always has and will remain the work we produce”, said David Dixon, Managing Partner of Marketscience. “Our shared vision on the need for a managerial economics service is what drives our commitment to further propel client’s business analytics.”

“Bringing an economic rigor behind commercial decisions to a wider client audience is the real excitement here”, says Dr. Peter Cain, Executive Partner at Marketscience. “Enabling the industry to have greater clarity and science is something we’ve felt necessary in these days of increasing analytics adoption.”

“As we are strengthening and scaling our services, we are ready to address the challenges of the emerging Chief Growth Officer (CGO)”, says Sebastian Shapiro, Executive Partner at Marketscience. “Together, we are enhancing our ability to deliver highly actionable marketing analytics at speed, helping our clients build transformational analytics to help them grow more confidently.”

The merger also allows Marketscience to further develop its proprietary framework, Marketscience Studio, a software platform that increases both the scope of data and level of accuracy in model development, enabling users to make more strategic marketing and investment decisions. The academic and professional backing of the Marketscience Studio solution is unrivaled in the marketplace. The additional on-site training provided by the consulting team at Marketscience gives clients a unique level of ownership and control over their analysis and empowers them to drive the optimizations themselves.

Dr. Cain adds “the development and refinement of Marketscience Studio permits our clients to make smarter, strategic business decisions. When coupled with our transparent modeling approach, we ensure clients have complete trust and confidence in our relationship and approach, allowing us to uncover deeper insights and drive greater growth together.”

Marketscience, and former Truesight are founded upon principles of total ownership-independence, radical transparency, accountability and tailored solutions. This strategic shift is an exciting time for all as the company continues to increase its global presence and expands their client base.

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