Most Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) are well versed in the basic drivers of their programming and understand the factors that affect their everyday management decisions and how these factors influence decisions. However, few non-profit operators take a step back to consider how the following three key areas impact their results: 

Three Key Areas that Impact Results:


The use of Macroeconomic factors (such as GDP, S&P 500 Index, Tax Policy, interest rates, unemployment rates, and population growth)


Competitiveness across major areas of fundraising investments

Brand Equity

Focusing on strength and longer-term value of the brand in addition to short-term revenue. The organization’s ability to calculate and leverage that value as part of its on-going investment and programming strategy is critical.

When added to the analysis mix, these factors are shown to have a significant impact on the success—or failure—of fundraising efforts. When asking “How can NGO’s benefit more today, predict better outcomes and future proof themselves by investing in their brand and ways to achieve and sustain share-of-giving advantage going forward”? The answer lies at the heart of better data integration and advanced analytics and optimization, including the skillsets to address and activate change in your sector.

Marketscience can address and craft insights, simulations and predictions from advanced models and optimization tools to help you advance your brand.

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Rebalancing Upper-Funnel and Direct Investments For A Charity

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