Identifying The Specific Perceptions That Drive Long-Term Growth In Wealth Management

  • October 21, 2021
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  • To inform a change in brand strategy with better appeal to new generations of wealth management customers this leading US brokerage and advisory company required a way to quantify the impact of marketing on customer perceptions and customer acquisition and asset inflows
  • The client wanted to identify the specific customer perceptions and marketing levers that drove adoption in their most profitable customers since customer experience metrics varied by stage of the acquisition funnel but not all metrics were true causal drivers
  • It was also critical that any modeling approach be able to account for the dramatic impact that COVID had on wealth management and investor behavior during the recent period
  • Finally, the client wanted to build an approach that could be internalized and operated by in house analytics and marketing teams post implementation.


  • Marketscience was enlisted to develop a comprehensive modeling approach that would identify marketing impact on perceptual drivers and long-term acquisition and investing
  • In close collaboration with the client team, Marketscience set out to identify the appropriate source of Customer Perception data that was more predictive of long-term growth
  • The BaseDynamics approach to MMM was used to identify the drivers of long-term customer acquisition and asset inflows
  • Training and IP transfer was made to the client to enable ongoing ownership of the methodology and approach by client in house analytics and marketing


  • Modeling to long term sales revealed the key brand and customer perception drivers that were more important for more active and affluent investors
  • By identifying the marketing drivers of these perceptions and the nature of the impulse response between them we could recommend the optimal mix and levels of investment required to drive longer term growth
  • The optimizations indicated a significant change in investment strategy from the previous focus on short term acquisition only
  • Rationalization of brand tracking and survey instruments and expense by focusing on key metrics of the value creation

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