Hands-On Budget Optimization For An Alcoholic Beverages Producer

  • February 6, 2019
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“Hands-on” Marketing Mix Optimization Reallocates Ad Spend and Unifies Marketing & Sales Teams



  • In order to maximize profitability, a leading global spirits company set out to optimize the allocation of their media budget across western European markets.
  • The client wanted the specific geographic region to better align with their overall marketing strategy. It was also critical that any allocation decisions took post-recession economic trends into account. To achieve this, they needed a partner that could design a marketing mix modeling plan that effectively addressed complex economic factors but also looked beyond the inputs of marketing ROI to consider the overall brand strategy.
  • After careful evaluation of the analytics landscape, the client enlisted Marketscience to develop a comprehensive marketing optimization analysis strategy. They chose Marketscience specifically for the company’s heritage in portfolio budget allocation modeling and ability to support clients with more sophisticated needs.


  • In close collaboration with the client team, Marketscience set out to define the optimal allocation of media budget in the selected European markets leveraging our SimOpt tool.
  • To effectively score the strategic importance of the brands and country combinations that were the potential recipients of the client’s European advertising budget, Marketscience combined the use of marketing mix models and the development of econometrically-fueled marketing response curves with a “hands-on” consulting process.
  • That “hands-on” process included workshops that challenged the European marketing and management teams to develop their own budget allocations based on the strategic scores for the brands (in itself a function of “market place attractiveness” and the brands “right to win” in that market) and the marketing response curves.


  • Marketscience's unique consulting approach was effective at building marketing and sales team consensus around the task, unveiling highly valuable considerations and challenges that factored into the final plan.
  • The first round of optimization reveiled a 14% increase in ROI
  • The marketing optimization approach now forms the cornerstone of the client’s 5-year investment plan across Europe.
  • Today, Marketscience continues to use econometric modeling to track the results of the major brands across Europe in order to continually refine the client’s marketing budget allocation and support detailed planning by brand.

What We Did

  • Marketing Mix Optimization
  • Adoption and Use of Analytic Outputs
  • On-site Training

Client Quote

“Marketscience's unique approach to data analysis provides the insight we need to make strategic decisions, while at the same time approaching it in a way that builds consensus internally. We’ve relied on Marketscience's expertise for years and they continue to deliver meaningful insights and guidance that informs the growth of our business.”

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