Full System Decomposition

The Full System Decomposition (FSD) provides an elegant and automated solution to the challenge of turning a given econometric model result into a complete model report. The module calculates all the net parameters of a full system of linked models based on the marketing funnel structure that was estimated and integrates these with the database to create the full report and visuals.

Key Features

Model Import Wizard

Ensures that the given model results from almost any modeling package can be read in and aligned with the modeling database. If model results come from the DBM within the studio this import is fully automated.

User-defined Systems Structure

A flexible approach to system specification allows us to support and decompose almost any system structure with multiple hierarchies and sub-dimensions which the user can specify.

Standard Decomposition Views

Supports standard and customizable charts for viewing within the Data Visualization UI or exportable to any MS Office application. Specific view include; Charts: brand paintings, waterfalls, due-tos, change drivers, response curves. Tables: contribution, lift and ROI, response curve parameters.

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