Technological change is creating new distribution models, upending old business and vertical integration across content and delivery are creating larger more complex organizations competing against new innovation driven players.

Marketers are faced with multiple challenges including:

Understanding returns from revenue driving investments

How are marketing, advertising, promotional, sales and channel investments working versus and with each other and what are impacts across different elements of the portfolio.

Operationalizing return of marketing investment as a process

Operators need to establish the infrastructure, data, and methods to measure and manage these investments on an ongoing basis to support decision making, measurement and planning for maximum ROI.

Managing multiple distribution channels

Differentiated channel management and the linkage to segmentation, pricing and campaign performance is critical, while ensuring a consistent brand experience.

Building credible brands

Building strong brands in the current environment is a different undertaking than the past. Today’s leading marketers understand the drivers of brand value and their relationships across social, paid marketing, PR and product and service delivery.

Marketscience’s comprehensive analytics address such challenges, and drives significant, sustainable revenue growth for telecoms marketers.


Improved Customer Retention In Telecom


In-Housing Of Marketing Analytics In Telecom

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