Small & Midsize Business

SMBs are facing ever-increasing disruption in nearly every aspect of their business. Technology, data and digital solutions are driving much of this disruption, and many of these new solutions can help SMBs not only deal with disruption but even capitalize on it.

SMBs require an analytical approach that reflects the priorities of the owners. By developing stronger, more integrated analytics, marketing teams can become more effective in communicating, acquiring, up-selling and serving SMB customers. 

Advanced analytic solutions can provide:


Stronger analysis skills, improved segmentation of SMB markets, more tailored customer value models, and a deepening understanding of marketing strategy, program activation and testing


Support for dashboards and reporting to help centralize SMB decision making, and to inform and enable areas such as digital activation, and sales effectiveness and resource allocation


Simplification of product and service portfolios: eliminating low-impact items and realigning towards cross-sell or bundling opportunities

Marketscience’s data suggests that the above areas can lift revenues and reduce the cost to market, and cut wasteful, non-performing marketing and sales practices. For many industries the SMB segment holds tremendous value for those who can model and optimize their approach accordingly.

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