How do retailers effectively navigate today’s complex environment? Analytics provide a comprehensive framework and helps to answer retail marketers most critical challenges.

Marketers Most Critical Challenges:


How to understand both the short and long-term impact of brand and promo spend and the interaction between the two.


Insight into the direct and indirect impact of web and catalogue on sales, holistically and across segments and occasions, to maximize synergies.


Sales data capture must be set up to classify and cluster occasions as retailers move from department to occasion-based segmentation


Large differences in macro, pricing, promo and advertising effects across geography make efficient access to meaningful zip code, store or DMA-level granularity critical.


The need to fully decompose and attribute intermediate digital channels like search, social and web.

Marketscience’s simulation and optimization tools are key to effectively supporting in-cycle planning. Our range of bespoke solutions help address the needs of retail marketers in this increasingly dynamic and competitive environment.


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