Consumer Packaged Goods marketers face a plethora of considerations when deciding where to make investments today. To achieve the most effective balance between the broad range of pricing and promotion strategies and short and long-term objectives, marketers need in-depth analysis of the opportunities and variables in the marketplace.

Marketplace Opportunities:

Evaluating the profitability of promotions

CPG brands face a far more intense promotionally-driven retail environment than many other sectors. The variable investment required to create an effective promotion is always high and, given the fees associated with obtaining trade support, it is critical to evaluate the profitability of different promotions.

Making strategic pricing decisions

The transparency of brand pricing across the category and between retailers puts extraordinary pressure on pricing strategies. Marketers need to understand the impact of absolute and relative price moves on demand and undertake full scenario planning in order to optimize pricing strategies across retailers.

Understanding the role of media

Media is fundamental as a direct sales driver in its own right, but also in how it affects overall brand awareness and core ‘base’ sales of CPG brands. CPG marketers need a clear view of marketing’s impact on sales as well as a quantitative fix on brand health impacts on underlying base sales.

Marketscience offers a full range of analytics that understand and address the obstacles that CPG marketers face in today’s marketplace.

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