As innovative business models - including ride sharing and autonomous vehicles - transform the auto industry, marketers need to develop a clearer view of their competitive effects on short-term sales and long-term brand value.

Through analytics it’s possible to merge and model data from an array of sources in order to uncover critical customer and marketing insights. While the sheer scale of available data today may appear overwhelming, the measurable advantages means it can no longer be ignored:


Data can be utilized to form actionable customer segments, personalized offers, and incentives to improve consumer consideration, sales lift, and customer retention


Applying analytic models to a broad range of historical data can identify the impact of fixed and variable marketing investments and support decision-making with a more precise approach to quantity, mix, timing, and composition of marketing spend


In times of crisis, brand advertising helps redress the balance and restore normalcy. Having the metrics and models to identify and manage that process is critical


Aligning corporate goals with data, analytics, and activation is easier and more effective

When analytics are done right, the results are striking. That’s why Marketscience is committed to delivering industry leading solutions for marketers at any stage of analytics practice.

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